About Mud Tyres

When it comes to your vehicle the tyres are the most crucial and most important part of the vehicle.  Having proper tyres on your vehicle ensures that you’ll be safe, everyone around you will be safe. That is why when it comes to off-road adventures it is important that you are equipped with the right tyres for the right situation. To ensure that a rough ride becomes a smooth ride when driving off-road. 

Why Mud Tyres?

For the weekend off-road expert or enthusiast, Mud Terrain (MT) tyres have the most aggressive or defined tread patterns to disperse mud and debris as you travel unsealed roads or tracks at low speeds. Research and development from the major tyre manufacturers is aimed at constructing a tyre with strong sidewalls to gain puncture resistant properties. Cut resistant tread compounds are another element, built into these tyres to reduce the likelihood of an inconvenient puncture on your four wheel drive. Impressive traction while traversing uneven and variable surfaces is the main aim of a mud terrain pattern. While improvements have been made to reduce cabin noise, these tyres may reduce ride comfort while driving on a highway as the coarse lugs of the open tread pattern design are suited to siphoning mud and will not gain as much direct contact with a harder surface, reducing the handling capabilities on tarmac.

Mud terrain tyres are often fitted as an aftermarket or replacement pattern to a 4WD. They are not commonly found as an Original Equipment Manufacturer's (OEM) fitment. If you spend the majority of your time in variable, slippery, challenging or dangerous mud terrain then these tyres are likely to be the best choice for your vehicle.

Tyre care including rotations, alignment and inflation as covered within the myjax tyre maintenance plan is a particularly important consideration to gain optimal performance and life from your mud terrain tyres. Inflation should follow the specifications on the vehicle's placard and allow for the weight of the load carried by your 4x4.

What to do when buying Mud Tyres

If you are looking for cheap mud tyres for 4x4 vehicles in Australia, you should take in several factors into consideration. Different tyre manufacturers and experts have said that; consumers should consider the tyre size of the mud tyres available for sale they want to purchase. The size will determine whether the tyre fits the rim or not. If the mud tyres have a bigger or smaller size than your rims, they will not fit properly and sometimes may not fit at all.

When buying Mud Tyres for your 4x4 vehicle, you must buy the recommended size for your rims. Even if you have found a great set of Mud tyres but they do not fit your wheels. You may have to buy new wheels to suit your mud tyres for your own safety. That is why at Ozzy Tyres we offer the cheapest wheel and tyre package in Australia. Because we understand that sometimes customers buy the wrong tyre sizes for their wheels and it can get quite expensive when you go out and buy a new wheel or tyre to fit the correct size.

Features and Benefits

  • Dual Sidewall Designs

Each Grappler has two sidewall designs so you can choose how your tyres look. On the Nitto Mud Grappler, one side has lizard skin side lugs and the other has plain side lugs. Nitto's ability to produce exceptionally uniform off-road tyres with this feature is an engineering feat as even small weight imbalances can cause unwanted vibrations.

  • High Void Ratio

A high void ratio between the tread blocks efficiently clears mud and dirt from the pattern to provide excellent traction in extreme terrain.

  • Aggressive Sidewall Lugs

Sidewall design is as important as tread pattern in maximising off-road performance. The Nitto Mud Grappler® has one of the most aggressive and functional sidewall designs on the market. Massive sidewall lugs provide additional biting edges, which is especially helpful in rocky terrain. The additional lug depth also provides puncture resistance.

  • Puncture Resistance

3-ply polyester sidewall construction and a high-strength steel belt tread package offers exceptional puncture resistance.

  • Off-Road Traction

The Nitto Mud Grappler's tread blocks are arranged to keep part of the lugs biting the ground at all times, maximising traction in any terrain.

Busting The Myths on Mud Tyres

There are a lot of myths out there surrounding mud terrain tyres. 4WD Action take the Bridgestone Dueler M/T 674 tyre to the outback and bust some myths about on road performance, tread wear rate and muddy tyre traction.

This is not the truth. These days, companies like Bridgestone are incorporating advanced technologies into their tyre design so that whilst the tyres handle superbly off-road they also handle the smooth stuff with absolute ease. The unique tread of the Bridgestone Dueler M/T 674 allows mud to be cleaned out very effectively yet give great stability off-road and even wear across the tread pattern.

This might have been the case 20 or 30 years ago but today, technologies have come a long way and some manufacturers can design their off-road tyre for capability and long-life. The Bridgestone Dueler M/T 674 has been redesigned tyre footprint and advanced tread compound meaning more even wear and a longer life. Additionally, air pressures have a huge impact on life and wear of your tyre so be sure to reinflate your tyre when going back on-road.

The idea behind this myth is logical, however Bridgestone’s use of 3D grooving and shoulder lugs in the Dueler M/T 674 means that these tyres firstly cut into the mud, and secondly clean off sticking mud with ease. This results in a tyre that’s highly efficient at self-cleaning which allows the tread to maintain grip.

The technology used in mud terrain tyres is constantly improving. The Dueler M/T 674 tyre has been designed to meet the hardcore demands of off road driving, even through heavy mud. Incorporating revolutionary 3D technology to offer superior durability and off road performance, it provides maximum traction and control. 

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