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Australian roads possess extreme conditions and you need the right tyre to tame them. Sharp bends, long haul, uneven roads, potholes, regional traffic, dirt or bitumen, whatever the surface exists the right tyre for truck or bus. When your profits depend on your vehicle's performance and productivity.

The best tyres for your business 

If you’re in the transport business, you want to keep your profits up – without compromising on safety or performance. Which is why you should fit our Bridgestone truck and bus tyres. Our investment in tyre research and development has helped us build a range of innovative, hi-tech and cost-effective solutions for the many challenges faced by the road transport industry. We have a tyre for every application – whether you’re hauling freight on the highway, moving livestock off road and on, navigating heavy loads through urban areas, or taking passengers around the suburbs or interstate.

Bridgestone Ecopia low rolling resistance drive and trailer tyres can deliver fuel savings of up to 6%. Testing shows that tyre rolling resistance accounts for up to 33% of fuel consumption. And more than 90% of this resistance comes from the drive and trailer tyres. Ecopia tyres also benefit the environment by helping to reduce CO2 emissions.

If longer wear life is your priority, our R168 trailer tyre is for you – delivering up to 37% longer wear life than the competition, with excellent retreadability and resistance to stone retention and drilling.

Trucks and buses require tyres that can go the distance

If driving is your business, you can rely on Toyo. Designed and manufactured with technology at the forefront of the tyre industry, Toyo’s truck and bus tyres are safer, more durable and higher performing.

Engineered for a smooth, quiet and comfortable ride Toyo’s truck and bus tyres are tough and hard wearing, providing the best in road holding and grip, in all conditions while also delivering on fuel efficiency and value.

With on road, off road and all terrain tyres to suit all positions as well as dedicated drive, steer and trailers tyres, Toyo has a range of sizes and fitments to suit trucks and buses of all makes and models.

Falken launches truck and bus tyres

Sumitomo Rubber Australia (SRAU) has launched a new range of Falken tyres for trucks and buses. The Falken truck tyre update includes a selection of large and small/medium truck tyres for highway regional/interstate and mixed on/off road applications.

“We’re excited to be reintroducing ourselves to the Australian trucking industry with no less than 24 truck tyres changes – and we have more in the pipeline,” said Ken Furuhama, Managing Director of SRAU.

Mick Small, SRAU’s Technical Service Manager, is pleased about the new products; “Whilst we designed the new products with abrasive Australian roads in mind, the take-up of some products has been impressive, with BI850 being the standout. Tipper-and-dog and livestock operators have quickly adopted it, with great results coming from the 22.2mm deep open-traction pattern and mild cut/chip resistant compound.”

SRAU says it has conducted extensive testing in Australian conditions with fleets.  Mount Gambier-based Raymond Scott Transport is also very pleased with the results Falken tyres have been producing, as Managing Director Ray Scott explained: “The Falken RI128 super-single steer gets much better life, with a sharper price point, so it is much more competitive than the major brands we’ve run in the past. What’s most impressive is that all Falken truck tyres are made in Japan, so you’re buying top quality.”

Yokohama has a range of tyres 

Yokohama´s proven technologies and continuous innovation help you get the most out of your tyre investment with greater distance, greater retreadability, more even wear and less maintenance costs per kilometre.

  • Highway Tyres

Yokohama Highway Tyres are designed to deliver lower cost per kilometre with increased tread life and even wear. Traction, handling stability and ride comfort combine with increased fuel economy to provide outstanding value.

  • Regional Tyres

Yokohama Regional Tyres give outstanding performance, longer life and better handling in challenging high-scrub applications with stop & go and low-speed cornering.

  • On/Off Road Tyres

Yokohama On/Off Road Tyres are built tough to take the rugged conditions on building and construction sites, while providing superior handling and comfort on the road.

OTR Tyres and Wheels

Transport and logistics industries in Western Australia can rely on OTR Tyres to supply, fit and service their tyres and wheels to exacting Australian Standards. With a focus on passenger safety and cargo security, OTR Tyres offers an extensive range of tyres for small passenger transport companies to large, national cargo fleets.

As a fully independent distributor, OTR Tyres are able to match the right tyre to meet your transport or logistics requirements, regardless of brand. We carry a large range of truck and bus tyres in stock and can source new or used tyres through our global network of manufacturers and wholesalers as well as specialist tyre stockists and auction houses.

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