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Audi is a successful manufacturer of many different automobiles. As individual vehicles are so different the required tyre . Allen wheels in common is that you have to consider when choosing to good quality and high security. Only with the right tyres, the Audi reach its full range of services.

The requirements for good Audi tyres

The Audi is a very sporty car. Accordingly mature the wheels need to be. A sophisticated tread design and high driving is achieved. A major problem with rain is the risk of aquaplaning. Most manufacturers have taken great care to fix this problem in the development. Moreover, an optimal mix of materials ensures a low wear and a low driving noise. The volume while driving is given in dB.

So the correct tyre Audi is selected

Audi manufactures a variety of models such as the Audi A2, Audi A4 or Audi A6 . The larger the vehicle, the greater is generally also the required size for the tyre and the rim . The current Audi A4 is available as a sedan, for example, the tyres 225/55 R 16 delivered. The permissible sizes are shown in the vehicle documents and must be strictly adhered to both legal as well as for security reasons. Motorists have a choice between summer and winter wheels and all-season wheels which are suitable for all weather conditions.

Thus, the Audi tyres have enough grip, a replacement is recommended when the tread depth is less than four millimeters. But the age of the wheels plays an important role. Good tyres should not be older than three to five years. The manufacturing date is located on the face plate on the wheel. If motorists pay attention to these properties, they can buy cheap Audi tyres by a price comparison.

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