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Only with the right tyre is the optimal driving safety. The A4 is a sophisticated vehicle from Audi, which can realize its full potential with the right wheels. A good profile makes good braking performance and stability. In addition, reduces the risk of aquaplaning .

The Audi A4

The Audi A4 is a middle class car and was performed earlier under the name Audi 80th The series is the most produced of the company, with most vehicles are driven as commercial approvals. Since 2008 the Audi A4 B8 is available on the market. Audi sold ours inter alia as saloon and station wagon. The gasoline yields depending on engine variant a maximum power of 331 kW, the diesel has a maximum output of 180 kW. Customers have access to the equipment options three variants: Attraction, Ambition and Ambiente. For a high security many systems, such as a lane departure warning, a lane change assistant and a proximity control ensure. Thanks Isofix mountings child seats can be fixed easily and securely.

The Audi A4 tyre

Equipped with good wheels and rims, are the driving characteristics of the Audi A4 excellent. Generally, motorists should leave the wheels exchange from a tread depth of four millimeters. Summer wheels are mounted approximately at Easter and a shift to winter wheels will then usually take place in October. Year-round wheels are suitable for all weather conditions. The tyre size required is registered in the vehicle documents and the exact model used depends. A common size for the Audi A4 tyre is 225/55 R16 . This size is available from many manufacturers and can be purchased inexpensively by a price comparison.

With good Audi A4 tyres and rims motorists in Audi A4 are safe on the road. In particular, the profile is crucial to the driving behavior and should be checked at regular intervals.

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