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BMW, Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft, provides besides automobiles also manufactures motorcycles. At the stock exchange doped parent company of the BMW Group include Rolls-Royce, BMW M and BMW i. The predecessor of the BMW AG was founded by Karl Rapp in Berlin in 1913 Motorenwerke GmbH, which was in turn Philipp Dörhöfer and the company Snow White in Chemnitz. 1917 was renamed the Rapp Motorenwerke GmbH in the BMW GmbH to 1918 in the BMW AG

The right tyre BMW - important for safety.

The history of the house BMW started manufacturing aircraft engines, 1923, the young company launched its first motorcycle that R32 with shaft drive and boxer engine on the market. The machine was so robust, so it roadworthy R32 are today, though parts as the typical BMW are tyres, original tank or mirror hard to get. Cars produced the Bavarian companies since 1928, it started with the BMW 3/15 PS, a further development of the Dixi. The first post-war cars were 1948 motorcycle R24 and 1952, the BMW 501. The cars still remembers the typical "BMW double-kidney" to the beautiful historical models, on motorcycles, the Boxer remained. BMW has always put a lot of money in the development and in safety. So many current vehicle models like the 5 Series are with runflat tyres fitted at the factory. This tyre has the advantage that, if it preserves at a loss enough stability to slowly drive to the nearest workshop.

The proper care of tyres and paint

BMW uses environmentally friendly paints for its vehicles. The tyres are optimized for rolling resistance and therefore very abrasion resistant. However, a problem is brake dust that stretches over time on the wheels and the BMW tyres. During a normal wash is brake dust can remove just as bad as the Chininpanzer of insects in the paint and the disc. However, there are at BMW, in garages and the aftermarket special preparations which dissolve brake dust or stubborn dirt without attacking the rubber, the wheels or the paint. Instead of budget should therefore always on a high-quality car polishing recourse.

With high-quality and ecologically compatible BMW tyres, the Bavarian car manufacturer used products that protect both the environment and contribute extremely to driving safety. Painted the BMW vehicles are also equipped with environmentally friendly paints, like the BMW tyres and rims best be cleaned using special cleaning agents.

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