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A BMW X3 is a premium SUV, which is produced since of 2003. It is available currently in the second series and can by a price comparison favorable to good BMW X3 tyres are fitted.

The two series of the BMW X3

The first vehicle of this model of BMW appeared on the market of 2003. The BMW E83 was produced until 2010 and is the first generation of the BMW X3. The second generation, the BMW F25 is available on the market since 2010 and is produced in the American plant in South Carolina. He is a five-door hatchback and can be purchased as a gasoline engine or a diesel. The maximum power is dependent on the exact engine type and is up to 230 kW. The BMW X3 is very well equipped even in the basic equipment. As optional equipment still more technical systems, such as an M-Sport package and an Internet connection can be selected.

The BMW X3 tyres

With good tyres the BMW X3 can develop its full power. BMW X3 tyres should have a minimum tread depth of four millimeters and not be older than three to five years. The right size is registered in the vehicle documents. There are always several sizes allowed. The wider the tyre, the better the grip. In summer, motorists should therefore choose the largest possible tyre size. In winter, however narrower tyres have better properties on snow and ice. Here we recommend a smaller tyre width. In addition to driving in the selection procedure also factors such as the volume when driving and wear a role. A long service life reduces the longer-term costs. Especially with fast rides quietly are also tyre very pleasant.

With a price comparison, motorists can choose the optimal gears. Other products, such as insurance and financing can be found.

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