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The manufacturer Ford has a long tradition and distinguishes itself through quality and comfort. To ensure that customers in the vehicles can get the full power, the car must be equipped with the right tyres Ford. These transmit the power to the road and provide good traction.

The manufacturer Ford and its models

Ford is one of the world's top five manufacturers and is already since 1903 in the sector operates. The product range includes a variety of different vehicles and can be divided into different classes. The most famous microcar is the Ford Ka, a modern and stylish automobile. Already appeared in several generations of the Ford Fiesta, which belongs to the class of compact cars. The Ford Fusion and the Ford B-MAX are two popular minivans. The Ford Orion belongs to the compact class, just like the Ford Escort and the Ford Focus. Even SUVs, sports coupes and convertibles are represented in the range.

Select the matching Ford tyres

If the professional depth of less than four millimeters, or the Ford tyres are older than three years, then you should buy for safety new wheels motorists. Through a comparison of these can be purchased inexpensively. The size required in each case can be found in the vehicle documents, she is the model and the exact type dependent. So the Ford Focus can be driven with the size 175/70 R 14 usually. several tyre sizes are usually permitted for each vehicle. Width tyres have a better grip, slimmer wheels are suitable for snow and ice. Motorists should therefore decide in winter rather for the smallest size allowed, select the summer, however, the largest possible size tyres.

Good Ford tyres are very important for the safety and drivability. Through a comparison of the best tyres and can rims are easily selected.

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