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Moto tyres are the only part of the motorcycle that has direct contact with the road. That is why it is so important to choose high-quality tyres. Bad quality tyres will not provide good contact, handling and grip. It is risky as it might lead to bad grip and loss of control.

However, choosing new tyres has become a complicated task today. There are a lot of brands on the market and this is exactly what makes it difficult. Drivers can always choose the easiest way and check the manufacturer’s manual. It usually has recommendations regarding motorcycle tyres size. It is also possible to take the best and try new tyres. What should be taken into consideration when selecting tyres?

Riding manner. Drivers riding style plays an important role in choosing tyres. If you are riding a cruiser or touring motorcycle, then you will need tyres designed to ensure longevity and more convenient riding. If you ride any of a wide range of sport motorcycles, then the sport tyres that you need will be designed with grip and handling in mind. Moreover, many sport tires are very suitable for track use. 

Tyre design. There are tube and tubeless designs. The type of wheel your motorcycle uses decides what type of tyre you need. That will be wire spoked wheels for tubed and cast for tubeless. The tyre tread is the only part that contacts with the surface so it must be of high-quality. It is better to give preference to well-known and established brands with a good history. For example, Michelin or Continental are among the best brands. They produce tyres using state-of-the-art technologies and materials.

Tyre size. Choosing the right size of tyre is immensely important. Manufacturers usually indicate their name, model designation, size and speed rating on sidewalls of tyres. The first number is in the form of a fraction that will represent the tyre section width in millimetres relative to its aspect ratio. The aspect ratio is the percentage of the tyre section height relative to its width. Sometimes, that figure is followed by the speed rating, which is denoted by a letter and then the rim diameter in inches. There are several letters that correspond to the maximum speed recommended for a particular tyre,

Buy motorcycle tyres online

If you are looking for the best motorcycle tyres, you are strongly recommended to check online shops. Online stores provide a wide range of new motorcycle tyres of numerous brands. If a particular size is not in stock, you can order it. Once it is in rock, the shop informs you. All orders are processed quickly and delivered at convenient for customers time. Moreover, most online shops have motorcycle tyre finder, which helps find tyres based on certain parameters. If you are looking for nice motorcycle tyre deals or discount, you will more likely find them in online shops than in regular stores. Buy moto tyres online and discover many other benefits of online shopping. 

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