Buying tyres for specialized vehicles

Tyres are the part of vehicle that has to be chosen carefully because they ensure driver’s safety and vehicle stability. The vehicle capability to accelerate and brake safely depends on the quality of rubber that is used to produce tyres.

Speciality tyre is used in rather harsh conditions. This is exactly the reason why they are produced from different materials. Speciality tyres brands use materials and technologies that extend longevity of tyres for specialized vehicles. In such a way vehicles and equipment produce maximum performance.

There are many types of speciality tyres and brands but buying unknown brands is risky. There is no guarantee that they will excellent quality and high-performance. Drivers working with industrial vehicles and equipment are recommended to give preference to established and reputable brands.

Brands of speсiality tyres

Most well-known are reliable manufacturers produced speciality tyres. Among the most well-known you will see Continental, Pirelli ,Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear, Hankook, Yokohama. It is interesting to note that despite a huge choice of brands, plenty of drivers prefer buying Bridgestone or Continental.

Continental is well-known and reliable brand. The company has a considerable experience in tyre manufacturing, including tyres for agricultural industry and earthmoving. Speciality tyres of Continental brand are manufactured using innovative N.flex, d.fine and bead technologies. They are reliable and stress resistant. In addition, tyres are characterized by low vibration, which insures comfort.

Bridgestone brand is the company that puts emphasize on advanced technology. Bridgestone tyres are used for construction machinery, aircraft, and different highly- specialized equipment. The company has the team of professional engineers and designers that contribute to manufacturing high-quality products. Aircraft tyres of Bridgestone are capable of carrying up to 350 tons and accelerate at a speed over 250 km/h. Bridgestone tyres are considered to be among the most reliable tyres in aviation industry.

Buy speciality tyres online

Speciality tyres prices vary dramatically depending on the area of usage. Most firms and individuals using speciality tyres prefer buying them in online shops. Online shops offer a wide range of products and relatively lower prices in comparison to traditional shops. E-commerce has developed considerably and ensures high-quality services in many ways. Apart from a wide range of tyres and good prices, online stores have excellent delivery services. All orders are processed and delivered quickly to make the customer satisfied. 

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