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13 inch tyres for the little runabout

13 inch tyres are one of the smaller types of tyres. The tariff number refers here primarily to the diameter of the rim , which is the equivalent of 33 centimeters with a 13-inch tyres. 13 inch tyres are typically the type of tyre, are being counted in small cars such as the Renault Twingo, Ford Fiesta or the Fiat Panda.

13 inches and above? tyres for smaller wheels

13 inch tyres are available in many different types of profiles and types. Mostly they have before a speed limit of 200 km/h, and bring a load capacity 77-106 kg. There are, however, differences that are based firstly on the quality of the tyre, according to the type, according to the profile used and also by the mix of materials used. tyre of this size, there are not only in their specific versions in great abundance , but also from a variety of manufacturers.

A tyre for each car

Dunlop, Continental, Toyo, Evergreen, Pirelli and Co. - each renowned tyre manufacturer also offers 13-inch tyres in very large selection. Because one always tries to cover as many potential customers' needs and demands and to satisfy as possible. Therefore, there is the 13-inch tyres, both for the summer, winter and as all-weather tyre . Furthermore, as already indicated, various types and types of tyres available, but also different qualities, so you can offer both very cheap 13 inch tyres as well as very high quality. It ensures that the quality when it comes to security, of course, even with the bargain not to be desired.

13 inch tyres are available from a variety of manufacturers and therefore also in the most variable value ratios. It depends therefore on what searches do what is asked of his tyres and what one is willing to pay. Very high quality tyres for example, leads to the well-known manufacturer Pirelli, the affordable middle class covers, among other things from Michelin and Toyo has plenty of reliable bargain offer in stock.

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