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15 inch tyres: A common size for many cars

Tyres are available in different sizes. What size for your own car is fit, is on the registration document. There you will find under "size designation of the tyres' exact specifications. Is there, for example, 195/65 R15 tyre is 195 mm wide. The number 65 means that the edge height of the tyre is 65% of the tyre width, in this case, approximately 127 mm. The number 15 indicates that a for this tyre rim size of 15 inches is required.

For whom is 15 inch tyres are?

15 inch tyres are a common size and can be used on almost all vehicles. You have to understand that the rim size 15 inches not only fits a tyre width. Both narrower and wider tyres fit this rim size. One can choose between winter, summer and all-season tyres here as well. Here you will find all 15 inch tyres, which are listed at Additionally, you can select in Vehicle (z. B. car, SUV or motorcycle) and tyre type (z. B. winter and summer tyres).

tyres from different manufacturers

Since 15 inch tyres are widely available, they are offered by all major manufacturers. In there are a wide range: Dunlop , Michelin, Goodyear, Continental, Hankook, Pirelli, among others are in the price comparison included. So can get a quick, wide-ranging the buyer. There is also the possibility to enter the details of the vehicle registration certificate on the item "Search for a tyre on dimensions". In addition, you can choose the type of tyre, for. Example, summer tyres. Then, clicking "find listing" on, displays a variety of tyres to the desired size. To facilitate the search, you can filter the results, z. B. in popularity or price ascending. Did they then found a tyre that you want to buy, can be found through the item "the price comparison" the best provider.

With the product and price comparison at saves time and money. Quickly and easily you can find the desired tyre at low prices.

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