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175 50 R15 - for the middle class and for tuning

In this dimension, 175 50 R15, can be found especially tyres that are suitable for compact and medium range. On older vehicles, they are often also used for tuning.

Also on the Golf I

The dimension 175 50 R15 is one of the many, which is also used on the Golf I for tuning. With a tyre height of 50 percent of the tyre diameter is at summer tyres not too extreme, with a rim diameter of 15 inches , but the tyres have significantly greater on a tuned Golf I. The handling of the larger rim diameter contrast advantageous: the larger the wheels, the stable rolls a vehicle on the road. For this reason, the tyres are in modern vehicles now greater than they were even in the medium-sized car twenty years ago. In 175 50 R15 also can even with tuning cars Winter tyres are mounted.

Not only for tuning

In many vehicles, the 175 50 R15 tyres are however provided as conventional tyre size. For wagons which are designed for 15-inch rim diameter from the outset, the tyre width of 175 millimeters is relatively narrow, these tyres will save due to their low rolling resistance then more or less fuel - even more natural when using a specially optimized tyres, such as the Hankook Kinenergy ECO . For best performance in the rain are mainly tyres for which the wetness properties were optimized as the Uniroyal Rain Expert. The name says it all here. But also from Continental , Michelin , Hankook and Kumho , as well as by most other manufacturers is the 175 50 R15 size in the program.

The dimension 175 50 R15 is provided both a tuning dimension for older vehicles, as well as standard tyres on some modern vehicles.

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