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The tyre size 185 75 R14: fuel-saving tyres for vans

Pneus with the dimensions 185 75 R14 are mainly used as tyres for vans. A low fuel consumption, comfort and good handling characteristics on dry and wet asphalt characterize the tyre size.

A high level of driving comfort and very good driving characteristics

Transporter tyres must convince by an extremely economical performance. Where: The fuel consumption of tyres is only intended to all on the tyre width. With increasing running surface of the rolling resistance increases. Although this traction is improved, but also the vehicle needs more fuel for the same driving performance. The tyre dimensions 185 75 R14 finds a good balance and makes the tyre width of 185 millimeters for a good grip and a very low fuel consumption. In addition, the ride comfort, which absolutely convincing fails due to large tyre height. The reason for this is that higher tyres have a thicker rubber layer bumps and shocks dampens.

Excellent Continental summer tyres

A good driving performance and low fuel consumption offer Continental Vanco 2 Transporter tyres . The summer tyres , they feature efficient profile for the fast removal of water, thus improving grip on wet roads. Moreover, thereby reducing the risk of aquaplaning is reduced. The Continental tyres in size 185 75 R14 are marked in the EU tyre label in the wet adhesion to the class C (AG). Energy efficiency also has a Class C DESIGNATION. Also convincing is the volume of road noise, which is 71 decibels above the average. The premium tyres from Continental have the speed index Q and are therefore approved for speeds of up to 160 km/h.

Who travel a lot with his van, knows how important is comfort. The dimensions 185 75 R14 tyres as Transporter provides this comfort and also guarantees high fuel efficiency. In addition, the tyres provide excellent results in the driving characteristics.

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