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The tyre dimensions 195 65 R14: fuel-saving tyres for summer and winter

tyres of size 195 65 R14 are characterized by excellent driving characteristics, an excellent Enegieeffizienz and a comfortable ride. Especially on small and compact cars make the tyres a superb impression. Cheap tyres of this size are available starting at 40 euros.

Excellent ride comfort and excellent handling characteristics

The driving characteristics as well as the fuel consumption of a car tyre are dependent inter alia on the width of the tread. This is due to the rolling resistance, which increases with broadens tread. With a tyre width of 195 millimeters with an ideal mixture of the two attributes is ensured. The rolling resistance of 195 65 R14 tyres is large enough to guarantee good traction. At the same time remains the fuel consumption to an acceptable level. The grip has a direct influence on the traction, handling and braking characteristics. For driving comfort, however, the tyre height is responsible. The following applies: The higher a car tyre, the more comfort it offers.

Optimum traction in snow, rain and drought

tyres in size 195 65 R14 offered as summer, winter and all-season tyres. For winter tyres, the series convinces Kumho KW23 IZEN by low fuel consumption and an acceptable wet adhesion. In EU tyre label the energy efficiency of Class C (AG) is specified. The wet grip of the tyres has a class-E marking. In the summer tyre, however, the cut Michelin Energy Saver with very good values ​​from (wet grip: B, Energy Efficiency: C). Both tyre series have the speed index T and are thus approved for speeds of up to 190 km/h.

The tyre dimensions 195 65 R14 presents itself very balanced and offers a high level steering and braking characteristics. Priorities there are in energy efficiency and ride comfort.

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