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20 inch tyres: Large tyres for SUVs

The tyres do not only differ in width, but there are also different inch sizes. The customs size indicates the rim diameter. It is an Anglo-American unit of length. 1 inch equals 2.54 cm. With 20 inch tyres the rim thus has a diameter of 50.8 cm. These tyres are therefore quite large. In the product and price comparison at you will find a variety of different 20-inch tyres. These are available as summer tyres available, winter-season tyres and all-season tyres.

At what vehicle fit 20 inch tyres?

Due to its size fit 20 inch tyres not for every car. In vehicle registration under "size designation of the tyres" precise information on the tyre size which is suitable for the vehicle. The first two digits of the tyre width are in mm and edge height of the tyre. The number after the letter indicates the inch size. However fit the same tyre width different inch sizes. 20 inch tyres are great tyres from a width of 225 mm. They are offered by all major manufacturers. They are often used in summer tyres. provides a detailed comparison of all summer tyre with an inner diameter of 20 inches . The same size but there is also a winter and all-season tyres.

Just compare and order

In to quickly and easily get an overview of the range of 20-inch tyres. By their size, they are often more expensive than other dimensions. The price comparison you have the opportunity to find a dealer who offers even large tyres on favorable terms. If, for example, demand for SUV tyres 20 inches , provides here a detailed comparison of a variety of offers. In addition, can be selected by summer, winter and all-season tyres. In addition, you still have several options, for example, to the desired manufacturer or provider. If you have a tyre found which corresponds to their own ideas, you will be redirected to the website of the merchant, where it can conveniently order from home.

20 inch tyres are great tyres, which have a price. With the product and price comparison at you can however find this easy to book.

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