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205 55 R16 - the right level for larger midsize car

The tyre size 205 55 R16 is a sporty version of the usual 205er tyres, it is particularly applicable to larger medium-sized cars and family sedans dissemination. tyres in this size usually offer a balanced range of services, but even here there are of course specialists.

tyres 205/55 R16: Convincing overall package = Solid practicality

Only one tyre that ensures the best properties can assert themselves in this class. tyres in the size 205/55 R16 must constantly bring the full power and have even in extreme situations sufficient safety reserves even at high speeds. Large and heavy vehicles are a special challenge for the performance of a tyre. In addition to good acceleration and braking characteristics, especially the wet properties are critical in the summer tyres of this size. But also driving comfort and fuel consumption play an important role in choosing the right tyre. implement all these aspects simultaneously presents manufacturers with major challenges. Nevertheless, today no longer contain only premium manufacturer offers available ready but also suppliers for the budget segment, such as Toyo or Kumho .

Test of ADAC

The ADAC has a number of popular tyre size 205 55 R16 tested (ADAC summer tyre test 2015) and comes to revealing results. From a total of 15 tyres in the test prove only five, or about one-third, as really balanced. Many Pneus place especially on wet surfaces significant weaknesses to light. At exactly this property always separates at the summer tyres wheat from the chaff.

Under the current test winners having each model very individual strengths - the OptiGrip Goodyear example offers significantly better wear characteristics than most competing models, while the Pirelli Cinturato P7 is characterized by an extremely low noise level. In terms of fuel consumption will again shines the Hankook Kinergy Eco . Conclusion: It can keep forward many budget models, they are the models of the premium class even par in some areas.

205/55 R16 tyres at low prices online and compare prices

tyres with the dimensions 205/55 R16 can be found mainly in larger medium-sized cars. The performance requirements are generally higher than in smaller cars in this segment. A balance is an important criterion. Nevertheless, it is often the outstanding individual properties of a tyre, which contribute to the purchase decision.

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