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215 40 R17: The tyre size for the ambitious driver

Every year, the question arises: Are the summer tyres still roadworthy? When the beloved automobile needs new shoes, you can not get around the question: "What size do I really need?".

Find out the tyre size required

To determine the proper tyre size, you can take the registration certificate Part 1 at hand. Under point 15.1 and 15.2, the tyre size is indicated (eg 215 40 R17), with which the vehicle was approved and shipped. Another possibility is to look at the tyre itself clarity. On the side wall are a wide variety of information to be found. The roughly means: width 215 mm, height 40 mm, inner diameter 17 inches. More detailed information about the marker 215 40 R17 are in the tyre lexicon.

What exactly is meant 215 40 R17?

"215" represents a nominal tyre width of 21.5cm. "40" indicates the tyre height (nominal aspect ratio) in relation to the width (40%). "R17" stands for radial tyre on a rim size of 17 inches. To in 215 40 R17 to acquire the desired tyre quickly and inexpensively, you can simply enter on the website the individual values ​​in the Reifenkonfiguratror. At the same time, the search for the desired criteria such as Vehicle (car, motorcycle, etc.) and use (summer - or all-season tyres - winter) are confined. Matching wheels (eg from Rial) can be found here .

Who has his tyre dimensions found and want to take any trip around the world oversupply of price comparisons, which is in good hands with Easy entry of the relevant dimensions - and displays all relevant deals. In addition, wheels of different manufacturers can be used for price comparison. Also, additional reports of the ADAC test winner can be drawn for assistance.

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