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tyres of size 215 45 R16 - a good choice for cars of medium to luxury class

The tyre size 215 45 R16 is suitable for coupes, sedans, station wagons and convertibles of the middle class, the upper class and luxury with which a sporty driving style is possible. Especially for fast driving on highways can give a 215 45 R16 tyres preference.

215 45 R16 - A high-performance high-speed tyres

The measure 215 45 R16 are often found in sports cars tyres. The first value of the tyre label indicates that this tyre has a width of 215 millimeters. tyre that width are suitable for high speeds. They also offer during the faster driving a good roadholding and accuracy. Since it is a low-profile tyres with a tyre with these dimensions, it has a low rolling resistance. The profile height of this tyre can be seen from the second value of the tyre data, which is a percentage. The profile height of the tyre 215 45 R16 is 45 percent of the tyre width. The profiles of these tyre width often characterized by large footprints. One example is the Kumho ECSTA XS KU36 with its asymmetric tread pattern.

Low tyre with high dynamics

The R in the tyre labeling for tyres with the dimension 215 45 R16 stands for radial tyres. Radial tyres convince with good cornering force. The R value following the tyre data refers to the rim diameter. He is 16 inches. The lower the rim diameter is, the lower the tyre and the lower the air resistance of the vehicle. Therefore, wide tyres with a rim diameter of 16 often Sport tyres as the Dunlop Sport Maxx .

tyres with the marking 215 45 R16 are particularly powerful summer, winter and all-season tyres. Among them there are many Hocheistungsreifen for sporty driving.

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