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215 60 R16 Tyres

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215 60 R16

215 60 R16 tyres in inches are tubeless radial tyres used for highways and city drives. Being situated in the southern hemisphere, Australia hosts seasons that are opposite to those in North America and Europe. That is why; it is called the land of diversity when it comes to climate from the grazing land to golden beaches, sparse deserts, rich coral reefs, tropical rainforests, and grazing meadows. The summer season in Australia brings many challenges of uncertain weather changes and extremely hot as well as light snow. In such situations, only robust and compatible tyres will help to combat unfriendly road surfaces. Equip your car with 215 60 R16 size and get ready for non-stop adventurous rides with no fear of faltering on the way. We are sure you will get the best driving experience in all types of weather.

215 60 16 tyres

Tyres 215 60 R16 are suitable for Honda Accord, Volkswagen Passat, and Toyota Camry and other similar brands of cars in the local market. The speed rating of these tyres is ‘H’ that means they are capable of running up to 210 km per hour. Their capacity of carrying loads is 690 kg. That is why; they are preferred by the drivers who want to carry heavy loads in cars. Tyre 215 60 R16 inches is also popular for its comfortable ride quality even on rough and tough terrains. You will find perfect handling and control over cornering at high speeds. Their resistance against uneven patches and hard areas is remarkable which leads to longer tread life. Their rolling resistance is reduced and you get improved traction as a result. We are aware of the fact you are looking for cost-effective road solutions while having no compromise on quality and safety. Rest assured, you will find the price of 215 60 R16 tyres are quite competitive but with the same features of longevity and security.

215 60 R16 tyres

If you are searching for the cheap 215 60 R16 tyres for your car this summer, we are right here for you. Throughout summer, you will face rainy conditions that hinder smooth drives. The wet performance of these tyres will be surprising as they display quick aquaplaning handling and ensure comfortable driving.  Their wet and dry braking ability is excellent and nowhere will you find yourself in trouble. Lower tyre noise is another feature that is liked by the drivers who have to travel for long hours in wet and dry weather. This reduced noise is because of their optimized tread pattern and tread life is longer due to their deeper tread grooves.  Purchase your 215 60 R16 tyre size from our stock and leave all the worries of wet and dry road surfaces on the way.

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