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The tyre dimensions 215 70 R15

Before buying tyres a look at the vehicle registration should fall. Here is noted, for which tyre sizes of your own car is suitable. One of the possible dimensions is the Pneugröße 215 70 R15. Which vehicles are equipped with tyres in the dimension 215 70 R15 road? And what characteristics distinguish these tyres?

The facts on the tyre size 215 70 R15

What does it mean if the numbers 215 70 R15 are marked on a tyre? These numbers indicate the tyre width, the ratio of height to width, the tyre type and the diameter in inches. A tyres sized 215 70 R15 is therefore 215 mm wide, thus meeting the wide tyres that have enjoyed especially during sporting drivers and in the offroad segment very popular. The ratio of height to width is 70 percent, the tyre is one of the radial tyre and has a diameter of 15 inches, converted 38.10 cm. Accordingly, the tyres fit wheels of 15 inch diameter .

Areas of application of wide tyres

tyres sized 215 70 R15 are classic setting for camping cars and vans. The wide surface gives heavy vehicles the best road, the driving stability in curves is high. In the test of the magazine pro mobil cuts of Transportation summer tyres from Hankook , Model Vantra, with the result "very good". A common tyres, this dimension as for SUVs represent. All terrain tyres are characterized by particularly rugged treads and a deep profile structure. Moreover tyres in size 215 70 R15 for mid-size car offered.

Whether cheap summer car tyre , vans or SUVs or inexpensive winter tyres: The selection in the size 215 70 R15 is large. Especially in the off-road and for caravans are Pneus popular in this size.

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