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With power over any terrain: 215 75 R15

tyres of size 215 75 R15 are predominantly used in smaller SUVs, off-road vehicles and vans for use. Because with the guy 215 75 R15 is a tyre that presents a width of 215 centimeters, a duty of 75 centimeters and a customs size of 15th This makes such a tyre especially robust and powerful.

tyre for small SUVs, off-roaders and Co.

tyres of size 215 75 R15 usually have before a load index of about 100 and a speed rating of Class S. This means that each tyre to carry a load of up to 800 kilograms and a speed of up to 180 km/h withstand. This tyre of type 215 75 R15 are indeed designed less to high speeds, but at a higher load. That's basically it, because the vehicles are intended for tyres of this size, with rather more moderate speeds but need to drive at high load by uneven ground.

215 75 R15 - the powerful off-road

Again, the demand is very high, which of course also affects the selection. tyres with the dimensions 215 75 R15 are represented by a variety of manufacturers - and with these, different in the versions. In this case it is mainly down to how high, how resilient and how expensive the tyre is to be in the size 215 75 R15. Popular brands are incidentally among other Pirelli, Dunlop, Goodyear, Syron and Novex.

Across the range of use of tyres with the dimensions 215 75 R15 is of course anything but limited. There they are quite different capacities and speed limits. Therefore but worth it only in addition to compare tyres of the type 215 75 R15 thoroughly before buying. Thus, for sure even at a high quality, a fair price snag.

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