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225 35 R19: tyre format for sporty mid

The dimension 225 35 R19 is suitable for sporty vehicles from the middle class. Models such as the Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, VW Passat or Mercedes C-Class benefit from a compact summer tyres , which contributes to a better handling. A wide tyres, which ensures maximum security and stability.

tyres, enabling a predictable handling

Driving at the limit is put on vehicles more than 200, 300 or 400 hp on the road, not uncommon. must meet the highest requirements and guarantee a predictable handling a tyre model is precisely for this purpose. Basically, all of these conditions are of the car tyres filled with the dimension 225 35 R19, wherein the braking and steering behavior is strongly dependent on the manufacturer of the product. Exact relent and cornering stability provide more security in difficult situations. Compared to smaller tyres tighter turns or quick lane changes at high speed is easier to manage. One option that is every sporting riders prepare a lot of fun.

Variants for dynamic driving style

As with many other tyre models, there are many manufacturers who are concerned with the development and production of tyre size 225 35 R19. Besides the well known premium manufacturers also some low cost products can be found on the market, but most do not provide the desired performance. A risk which are few willing to take. Consumers still find a wide range of summer tyres that enable a more dynamic driving style can be implemented. According to test reports shine the Pirelli P Zero and the Bridgestone Potenza S 001 by an excellent grip on dry and wet ground conditions. Balanced values ​​achieved the ContiSportContact 5P. Only in the area wear loses Continental the direct duel against its competitors.

Consumers can enjoy a wide selection of tyres 225 35 R19. Sporty drivers enjoy a precision that leaves no wish unfulfilled. Powerful vehicles whose power can be used due to the good traction.

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