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Tyre size 225 40 R18: high performance tyre for sporty drivers

Sport tyres have to meet both on the racetrack and in everyday high demands. Sport Auto has issued three buy recommendations.

Rounder for sports and tuning cars

tyres sized 225 40 R18 come especially in sports and tuned cars of medium and compact class to use, such as in a Mercedes A250, a Mazda 3 MPS or a Golf GTI. Unlike normal tyres Sport tyres not only have to ensure in everyday life is a nehmenes drivability, but also at high airspeeds and provide good handling in tight corners, namely in dry as wet. In addition, the tyre noise and rolling resistance play a big role. Specifically, rubber compounds and profiles ensure that the abrasion at a rapid procedure is not too high and the grip is ensured in any weather.

Three test winner

The magazine Sport Auto has getest in its summer tyre test 2013 ten sports tyres in the dimension 225 40 R18. The winner is the Dunlop Sport Maxx RT convinced a balanced tyre whose braking performance, steering precision, agility and resilience. Behind the placed Michelin Pilot Sport 3 , which also has a high precision and on dry tracks provides a good grip. Third place was finally the Goodyear Eagle F1 ASYMMETRIC 2 , which protrudes through easy handling, good braking performance and his performance in the wet. Features and prices of these tyres are close. Will 225 40 R18 tyres used mainly in the city, all year weather tyres should be bought. For larger distances across the country and extreme conditions should be resorted to summer and winter tyres.

Decisive for the purchase of sports tyres sized 225 40 R18 are the extra durability and easy handling, good braking and strong grip in any weather.

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