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225 45 R18 Tyres

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The 225 45 R18 tyres - for a comfortable ride

The tyre size 225 45 R18 (18 inches) is particularly suitable for larger and sporty vehicles. Accordingly, the construction of the models, especially the driving performance, safety and longevity is aligned. The 18-inch tyres are available as summer and winter tyres in different variations and versions, eg.

The dimension 225 45 R18 in the Quick Check

The size 225 45 R18 (width: 225 mm, height: 45%, inner diameter: 18 inches) is offered by various manufacturers in all possible variations. What is needed is the 18-inch tyres, especially for larger car classes as the Audi A6. The advantage of the latest models should lie primarily in improved rolling resistance and a significantly improved wet handling. According to relevant test results, this is also achieved by most manufacturers, but there are also in this tyre size distinct differences between the individual offers. Branded cut this significantly better and, even if the prices are slightly higher, the better choice.

Certainly, good and cheap

Already for a few hundred euros can be models of Bridgestone , Goodyear , Hankook and Dunlop purchase and fitted by an expert or in-house. The 225 45 R18 is the ideal tyre for frequent drivers, specialists and sporty drivers.

Depending on the vehicle, the tyre dimensions 225 45 R18 is intended as a 18-inch model more suitable for larger vehicles and has corresponding features in the design. Just because the tyres heavier and bigger cars is exposed to higher loads, brand tyres are highly recommended.

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