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225 45 R19 Tyres

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225 45 R19 - For SUVs and other heavyweights

The tyres with the amount of 45, the width of 225 and a size of 19 inches, and release the dimension 225 45 R19, are particularly suitable for heavy vehicles and off-road vehicles.

Quick Check - The 225 45 R19 - Tyres

The 225 45 R19 is one of the wider tyres and is thus ideally suited for larger vehicles such as SUVs, K TRUCKS, vans or off-road vehicles. Through its increased load capacity, they are stable even at higher load and keep the vehicle safely on the road. Current models have a maximum speed tolerance of about 270 km/h according to the manufacturer and are therefore suitable for the use of larger Family Vans. The 225 45 R19 is available, subject to provider as summer, winter, or all-season tyres.

Quality when purchasing tyres

Although the 19-inch tyres 225 45 R19 is quite expensive as opposed to smaller models, but quality pays off. Brands such as Bridgestone , Continental or Pirelli offer brand quality at good prices. Especially in the off-road quality is the most important criterion, have the tyres but exceptional and withstand extreme loads.

When buying tyres is also in 225 45 R19 essential to ensure a high quality level. This includes the service and other services provided by the manufacturer. For car tyres are a high-tech product that some need in the production and development of experience and know-how. Brand producers have the necessary experience and can produce optimized to the needs of the driver, the 19-inch size. So the drive remains in the future safe and enjoyable and the tyre changes a rare thing.

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