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Car tyres sized 225 50 R16

tyres with a dimension of 225 50 R16 are used mainly in the field of medium-sized cars. This is a popular size that is between narrow and wide tyres. In relation to tyres with larger or smaller dimension of the properties 225 50 R16 tyres are quite balanced.

The tyre width is only an approximation

The value 225 is an approximate value and indicates the tyre width in millimeters. With the number 50, the ratio of width to height is given of the tyre. In this case, the car tyre is half as high as wide. Again, these are merely approximate. The R stands for radial tyres with 16 the appropriate rim size in inches is indicated. More tread pattern resulting in a dry road to a better grip. This makes the handling of the vehicle and its braking performance is improved. When wet, however, cut car tyres with less tread width better, because the risk of aquaplaning is reduced. Narrow tyres are also more economical and have a longer life.

Three models of tyres of size 225 50 R16

Car tyres with the dimensions 225 50 R16 are offered by both the premium and well-known manufacturers as well as lower-cost providers. In the field of premium manufacturers, for example, are Continental ContiPremiumContact 2 call. The summer tyres available for wet and dry roads have a very good performance. Mid-priced lying Hankook K115 Ventus Prime 2 . A particularly good price-performance ratio offer the Wanli S 1063 .

225 50 R16 tyres are commonly found on vehicles of the middle class. The dimensions of the tyre is located between narrow and wide tyres. Thus, these tyres have initially balanced properties, which are influenced by rubber compound and tread pattern. Offered are numerous products from various manufacturers such as Continental or Hankook.

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