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More comfort while driving - with tyre size 225 55 R19

Traction strength and comfort are the two properties, which are most pronounced in tyres sized 225 55 R19. Particularly through its wide contact area, the engine power of the vehicle can be optimally implemented. In addition, the tyre size which offers an attractive appearance.

Larger wheels for a striking appearance

For 225 55 R19 tyres rims are required with a diameter of 19 inches. Wheels of this size are visually striking. Making in relation to the rubber from the lion's share of a tyre and thereby determine essentially the optics. Especially for sports and luxury class cars and sports cars 19er wheels are often used for the tyres. But also practical properties offer larger wheels: Firstly, greater braking systems can be installed and on the other they offer a silent rotation. In addition to the rim appearance and characteristics of the 225 55 R19 tyres are determined by tyre width and tyre height.

The tyre height determines the ride comfort

A wider tyre has often also a wide tread which significantly influenced the grip. The vehicle weight is distributed over more surface area, which is why a softer rubber compound can be used for the tyre. This has a positive effect on traction, braking and handling of the vehicle. A high level of driving comfort on the other hand determined by the tyre height. Because a higher Pneu has more rubber, which can dampen. With a tyre height of 123.75 mm offer 225 55 R19 sufficient rubber to ensure a pleasant trip by car. A tyre series the dimension 225 5 R19, which convinces with a good performance, is the series Proxes R36 manufacturer Toyo. Both the Braking and handling as well as the economy, the tyres get great results. In EU tyre label energy efficiency and wet grip are marked with the C class.

tyres of size 225 55 R19 convince ride comfort and handling the same dimensions. they are designed for high speeds.

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