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A smooth ride is guaranteed - with 225 60 R18 tyres

With the dimension 225 60 R18 buyers get excellent tyres, which are distinguished by good traction and a smooth ride. Moreover, tyres of this size inspire with a special look.

Optimum adhesion due to wider contact patch

tyres sized 225 60 R18 are used for automobiles of the middle class and for SUVs . Characteristic of this tyre size is a wide tread and a large inner diameter. The latter does not only visually more distinctive rims, but also for a total smoother ride. The wide tread of 225 60 R18, however, the grip of the tyre is positively influenced. Since the total weight of the vehicle spread over the contact patch, the gum blend is less stress at the contact points. This can be used for wider tyres, a softer rubber compound which provides more grip.

Wirtschftliche SUV and passenger car tyres for excellent handling characteristics

An excellent choice for SUV owners are the tyres of series Nokian HT SUV XL in the dimension 225 60 R18. The summer tyres inspire with an elegant appearance, good braking performance on wet and dry conditions and low fuel consumption. Then there is the important for SUVs high ride comfort, which is guaranteed by the high level of cross tyres. In the field of passenger car tyres convince the 225 60 R18er Pirelli P 7 . A high Economic efficiency and superior wet grip make the Pirelli P 7 an excellent choice for mid-range cars. Admittance is the tyre line for speeds up to 270 km/h.

Who in the tyres of his car or SUV a sporty exterior, a high traction and good braking characteristics emphasizes, may reassured access to the dimension 225 60 R18. A good choice is, for example, the Nokian HT SUV XL or the Pirelli P7.

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