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225 65 R16 - the dimension for heavier vehicles like vans and transporters

tyres in 225 65 R16 look massive, but they are still mostly dynamic. They usually come on transporters are used which are not too difficult, so most of the smaller classes.

Good load capacity, great handling

The dimension 225 65 R16 can be found especially in the heavier vehicles than summer tyres, they provide a good road, if only because of the large tyre width. Liability and handling are often awarded in such tyres and difficult handling characteristics of the respective vehicles ideally meets. A good representative of this class, for example, the Yokohama A 349 , a sporty summer tyre with good allround properties, which is also used on some pretty sporty Vans. It offers superior cornering stability and a particularly good roadholding even in difficult weather conditions and plenty of grip thanks to its special design shoulder. He is to speed class H - ie to 210 km/h - approved.

Difficult driving behavior with a heavy load and high cornering forces

Especially the Vanco series of Continental specifically targets the problems of Vans on: high center of gravity, often high payload and characterized especially in wet problematic steering and braking behavior. The tyres must therefore meet these requirements as possible, at the Vanco tyre that is also the case. Usually supported by special shoulder formations difficult handling characteristics of these vehicles account but also stiffened sidewalls that also ensure greater driving stability. Vanco series is also available as vans tyres for winter and year-round use.

The dimension 225 65 R16 is mainly used vans and heavier vehicles are used, which usually have their high center of gravity and their high potential load quite problematic driving behavior. Specifically, the Vanco series is this driving in winter well just like in the summer.

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