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225 65 R18 tyres - the ideal choice for off-road vehicles and SUVs

tyres in the dimension 225 65 R18 have a relatively large amount in wider tread. Because of its traction strength and the high rubber profile they are mainly used for off-road vehicles and SUVs used.

Maximum ride comfort on difficult ground

Good grip on the ground and on the asphalt a wide tread is ideal. With a width of 225 mm have 225 65 R18 tyres enough footprint for optimal traction. At the same time the average tyre height (ratio: 225 mm * 0.65) makes of 146mm makes for a comfortable ride, which paid specifically to rough terrain. In the dimension 225 65 R18 summer tyres both as well as winter tyres from different manufacturers are available. The tyres are designed depending on the series for speeds of up to 240 km/h. Priced the tyres are in the mid-price range of between 100 EUR and 150 EUR.

A good tyres for summer and winter

The Yokohama GEOLANDAR HTS G051 in the dimension 225 65 R18 is a comfortable tyres for SUV. The tyre series Geolandar HTS is divided into three different tread patterns, which can be identified by the marking G051, G052 and G053. The tread pattern G051 is characterized by a particularly good wet grip. The SUV tyres are approved for a maximum speed of 210 km/h. For the exit in winter is the Dunlop Grand SJ6 . The all-terrain tyre series is optimal grip even in extreme weather conditions.

A large section height and a wide tread features of the 225 65 R18 tyres. So the tyres are ideal for ATVs and SUVs. Especially the high ride comfort and good grip make 225 65 R18 tyres an excellent choice.

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