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The 235 40 R17 tyres - class wide tyres for midsize cars

tyres with the dimensions 235 40 R17 play an important role in the field of sporting midsize cars and pure sports car. Where optics, acceleration and a high top speed set the pace, these wide tyres only feel really comfortable.

High cornering stability and a lot of traction

Car tyres of the dimension 235 40 R17 on big feet or on a wide footprint. During the trip the surface for optimum traction and excellent braking ensures. A quiet driving pleasure is also guaranteed by the 17-inch wheels. A typical feature of wide tyres is the low tyre height. In this case, the height is 235 mm * 0.40 = 94 mm - a low height, which ensures a wider optics of the tyre and gives additional stability at cornering. A frequently cited weakness of wide tyres is the high fuel consumption: Innovative technology and well-coordinated rubber compounds counteract this, however. Modern wide tyres are no longer a fuel monster.

The optimal wide tyres for fuel saver

A good example of a wide-base tyres with the dimensions 235 40 R17 and a pleasingly low fuel consumption, the Ventus V12 EVO Hankook . The driving characteristics of quality tyres from Hankook convinced by an accurate steering response. This is because sometimes the uniform distribution of pressure on the tread. On the topic of the wet grip wide tyres scores with a striking profile that quickly derives waters, thus ensuring optimum grip. In EU tyre label the tyres of series Ventus V12 Evo are characterized in both energy efficiency and in the wet grip with the C class. The individual rating classes ranging from A (best) to G (worst score). In addition, the external rolling noise fall rather low at 70 decibels.

Especially as summer tyres make 235 40 R17 tyres a good figure. Through its sporting appearance and the high-speed index these tyres are particularly suitable for speeders.

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