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235 65 R16 - a good choice for the transporter

tyres with the dimensions 235 65 R16 are generally as light truck tyres offered. They are characterized by high grip and a comfortable ride. For truck tyres is also paid to increasing on a high mileage.

R as radial tyres

The marking 235 65 R16 consists of a total of four pieces of information together about the extent and type of tyre. The first value 235 is the tyre width in millimeters. The second number represents the ratio of tyre height to width. The amount of Pneus thus amounts to 65 percent of the tyre width, ie 235 mm * 0.65 = 152.75 mm. The letter R indicates that the tyre has a radial design - the now common type. The last statement puts the internal diameter and thereby indicating for which rims the tyre is fitted. In the case of 235 65 R16 tyres a 16er rim is the right choice.

More height brings more cushioning

Depending on the size, the properties of the tyre change. The 235 65 R16 Pneu for example, has a relatively large tread. By this fact the total weight of the vehicle can be spread over more area. Often a softer compound is used, which allows more grip, which has a positive effect on traction, braking and handling. The height also influences a tyre series. The higher a tyre is, the better it absorbs while driving. The reason: more rubber. However, the inner diameter must still be deducted: the dimension 235 65 R16 is therefore more comfortable than a 235 65 R17 Pneu. The selection of light truck tyres with the dimension 235 65 R16 is large and includes summer tyres , winter and all-season tyres.

235 65 R16 tyres impress with a good grip and a comfortable ride. Especially vans are equipped with this dimension. Cheap tyres are already buying from just under 70 euros. Expensive tyre model costs sometimes hundred euros more.

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