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Full performance at high level of comfort with tyres of size 235 85 R16

The tyre dimensions 235 85 R16 is widely used in SUV and off-road vehicle owners. For the off-road tyres offer by its wide tread blocks bite and with a comfortable ride.

More height brings greater ride comfort

In the labeling of 235 85 R16 tyres, the first value indicates that the tyre at the widest point is approximately 235 mm wide. Here is an approximate value, which can vary by a few millimeters of the actual width. The bigger tyres, the better is its grip. The second value estimates the extent of the tyre in relation to its width: a 235 85 R16 Pneu is thus 85 percent of the tyre width high. The tyre height affects the ride comfort. The following applies: The higher the tyre, the more driving comfort it offers. The last number of the labeling indicates how large the inside diameter.

An off-road tyres for the summer

A good choice when buying a 235 85 R16 tyre is the Evergreen ES 89 - an off-road tyres for the summer. The summer tyre convinces by its excellent wet grip and a comfortable ride. Thanks to the well thought-block profile, the vehicle weight is evenly distributed across the contact patch. They provide a much more precise handling with the vehicle is possible. What makes the terrain tyres Evergreen also interesting, is that he is one of the cheapest tyres series of dimension 235 85 R16. The Evergreen ES 89 is a tubeless tyre and suitable for a top speed of 170 km/h.

tyres with the dimensions 235 85 R16 are an ideal choice for all owners of off-road vehicles and SUVs that do not want to do without a high level of driving comfort. The tyres also convincing in the traction and handling in dry and wet.

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