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How 24-inch tyres can enhance your driving experience

The demand for larger wheels and tyres has progressed from racing in the city streets, to the general marketplace.

The larger-sized tyre experience produces:

Exceptional high-quality products

Performance related tyres, designed to perform with safe efficiency in all weather conditions.

Styled for sedans, SUVs or CUVs

Designed 24-inch tyres and unique choice of stylish tread designs.

Distinct state-of-the-art technology safety and performance.

A plus-sized option of 24 inch tyres

The well tried and tested popular 24-inch rim and beyond diameter tyres, reach beyond the usual 16-18 inch products and into the sphere of “Plus-sizing.” Although the styling factor is of this tyre form is motivating the demand, consideration must also be given to the fact that cornering road adhesion and car handling is also improved.

Experiencing the image of tyres 24 inches

Larger sized tyres such as a 24 inch provide vehicles with a certain aura, or image, with the larger wheel giving a reduced tyre sidewall and a wider tyre tread. This is essential in maintaining the correct external diameter of the tyre, which prevents any reduction in its load-carrying capabilities. It’s in effect a case of shorter and wider are the tyres, greater are the cornering and handling capabilities.

A generalized calculation is increasing the width of a tyre by 10 millimetres; decreasing the height of the sidewalls 5% to 10% for a required increase of every 1-inch in the wheel diameter! This designer-tyre market offers an enhanced 24-inch tyre driving experience, which can be helped with some sound advice from qualified dealership experts!

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