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245 35 R20 - bring power to the road

tyres in the dimension 245 35 R20 are made to bring the raw energy of sports cars as possible to the road. This clearly shows which tyre manufacturers have the most advanced technology.

to master different challenges

A tyre in this size must come best cope with different challenges - on the one hand the high engine performance and tremendous acceleration are also delay forces acting on the tyres, on the other hand are also high top speeds and cornering speeds of sports cars. During the dry road grip is not an issue for most tyre models, generally already be seen in terms of aquaplaning and wet-weather performance here clearly differences, caused by the very different profiles. During the Pirelli PZero in 245 35 R20 only four longitudinal grooves and no breakdown in the shoulder region is its quasi-counterpart, the GT Champiro HPX blessed with a plurality of longitudinal and lateral grooves. About the wet grip, the number of segments but only conditionally says something - it is here above all to the tread compound. The most advanced tyre under summer tyres in this dimension is certainly the Dunlop SP Sport, which has a true asymmetric but not directional tread pattern and at least visually more reminiscent of the tyre profiles of medium-sized vehicles. Accordingly good are his everyday characteristics.

In winter, the challenges are even greater

Roads that offer little grip, high acceleration forces and rapid deceleration in athletic and very powerful vehicles make a tyre in the winter of course life more difficult. One who also excellently meet the challenges, though the winter draws into the country, which is winter tyres Pirelli Sottozero in 245 35 R20. But the Pilot Alpin of Michelinl can here Amazing afford to, if I may, Reviews believed.

Sports car tyres in such an extreme dimension as 245 35 R20 must be many challenges to maintain fast and high-powered vehicles safely on the road. Some models can do that but really good.

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