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245 45 R20 - wide tyres for ATVs and Automobiles

tyres with the dimensions 245 45 R20 are largely for off-road vehicles and SUVs used, but also car tyres this size offered. Many well-known manufacturers such as Continental, Michelin or Pirelli tyres offer the size of their series.

A high-traction tyre size with excellent braking characteristics

The 245 45 R20 Pneu has a wide tread and a relatively thin design. The latter provides greater rigidity in the tyre, whereby the cornering stability is improved. Traction, braking and handling are determined mainly on the tyre width. This is 245 45 R20 tyres with an approximate value of 245 mm (+/- 4 percent). A high value, which speaks for a good grip and thus also for high-traction tyres. Especially in the terrain traction plays an important role, being also decisively determines the rubber composition and the tyre tread.

Low rolling noise and a lot of grip

The Pirelli PZERO XL is one of the most popular tyres for off-road vehicles and SUVs. In the dimension 245 45 R20 tyres series offers premier Braking on dry and wet surfaces. This is also the longitudinal groove profile of the off-road tyre is responsible, which provides in the rain for a rapid removal of the water. Additional transverse grooves and sipes in the tread pattern improve handling and traction of the tyres. In addition, the volume of external rolling noise is according to the EU tyre label at a low 72 decibels suitable are the tyres from Pirelli for a top speed of 300 km/h. Another nice feature: the low price of summer tyres , which settles in the lower middle.

With the tyre size 245 45 R20, the buyer receives an extremely reliable road tyre with very good braking and traction properties. In addition, the 20-inch wheels provide a very special appearance.

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