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255 35 R18 - A tyre for fast and sporty driving

tyres of size 255 35 R18 are characterized by a wide tread and low profile height. They show especially at high speeds when driving on smooth, straight stretches their strength.

For sports cars and luxury class the correct tyre size

The tyre 255 35 R18 suitable for sedans and sports coupes of the middle, upper and luxury class. From the first three-digit value of the tyre labeling can be seen that this tyre has a width of 255 millimeters. This shows that this is a very wide tyres for fast driving. He ensured even at high speeds track accurate driving and provides good handling characteristics. Many prominent tyre manufacturers use this tyre width for their sports tyre range. This includes Michelin Pilot Sport with . Due to its very low profile offers the 255 35 R18 an extremely low rolling resistance. The profile height or the flank height of this tyre can be seen from the second value of the tyre labeling. It corresponds to 35 percent of the tyre width of 255 millimeters .

Stable summer tyres for high speeds

The R in the otherwise numeric tyre labeling of 255 35 R18 tyre is radial. Radial tyres are also known as radial tyres, because they have a particularly stable tyre belt whose carcass threads are arranged radially. The latest tyre data value is beyond the diameter of the rim information that 18 inches is. For large rim diameters, the vehicle body is slightly higher, resulting in stone chips on dry roads rare. Among the tyres with the dimensions 255 35 R18 are many summer tyres .

The wide tyres with the marking 255 35 R18 are suitable. For a fast-paced style of driving on smooth roads and highways They are used by many well-known manufacturers such as Continental produces.


255/ 35 R18 Tyres

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