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255 40 R17 - one dimension for powerful sports cars

In size 255 40 R17 can still be considered as very extreme low-profile tyres, a tyre. He improves road adhesion enormously by its low altitude and mainly offers a lot of stability in curves.

The curve Specialist

tyre in typical sports car dimensions as 255 40 R17 are mainly intended for use on high-powered vehicles. For the tyre manufacturer sports car tyres are something like the pinnacle - you can most points with performance and enhance their image. In addition to the Hankook Ventus S12 here are also the ContiSportContact 2 of Continental on the front ranks in the race, the way, there is also a runflat, as well as the Dunlop SP Sportmax. The large selection is limited here but mainly to the summer tyres , winter tyres in this extreme dimension selection is already much smaller, but still there are any.

High demands for the tyres in winter

Just in wintry road conditions, the requirements of tyres for such vehicles are extremely high - they have even in adverse road conditions can generate a lot of grip and especially cornering grip, simultaneously but can also offer exceptionally high braking performance, even when the road conditions are likely unconstitutional , The high accelerations of horsepower sports car may not lead to breaking or instabilities. A tyre from the budget segment, which brings quite a good performance in this dimension is the Hawks Euro Winter size 255 40 R17. The ContiWinterContact TS790 is, however, a winter tyre from proven home, and also prove its performance in both adhesion and when braking and accelerating on difficult winter substrates. That one still in winter the performance possibilities of his vehicle possible not could check out but understood - despite tyre with outstanding performance - almost without saying.

The size 255 40 R17 is made for sports cars with high horsepower numbers and extreme acceleration and high speeds. Among the summer tyre choice in this king-dimension is very high among the M + S tyres on the other hand relatively narrow.

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