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255 40 R19 - need for fast cars, good road maintenance

The size 255 40 R19 can be found especially on fast, high-powered vehicles. You need especially in the curve a solid grip and good adhesion to the road. High vehicle weights come here often aggravating it.

The particularly powerful tyres

Unlike car tyres for ordinary midsize car sportscar tyres must afford a whole lot and a few mistakes himself may allow. It is here to show what they can tyre manufacturers. Therefore lie at the top here often proven traditional brands such as Michelin , but also some other tyre manufacturer convince here with their achievements. For example, with the Maxxis Model Victra, of the Ultrac Sessanta not only in design resembles the curved tread grooves on the tread, but also in the power values ​​comes very close to the top class. A little it depends always on the vehicle characteristics from which profile shape 255 40 R19 works here in the dimension best, especially when it comes to the border areas - in general, the tyres with good results, but to all vehicles, the most best choice. The Dunlop SP Sport 01 is one example because it.

The wet properties are clearly different individual models

the individual models differ significantly in their often wet properties Depending on the profile form. but grip and traction on wet roads and especially in curves is a very important criterion when it comes to driving safety in everyday life - the fewest sports cars are actually moving only in good weather on the street, this applies mostly only for the expensive super sports car. Flat profiles have here often a disadvantage compared to block profiles when it comes to the road grip in wet or the cornering stability on wet roads. A good compromise between the two includes for example the Pirelli PZero. Even more difficult it is for winter tyres in size 255 40 R19 - here are traction and grip to be as optimal as possible, which is often difficult to achieve in such an extreme low-profile tyres. The Goodyear Ultra Grip and ContiWinterContact However here as winter tyres proved very good.

The tyre size 255 40 R19 adorn especially fast sports cars. The individual profiles have uterschiedlich good wet grip, even with the winter tyres, there are few models that can actually still have outstanding performance.

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