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265 70 R16 - SUV and SUV tour

In size 265 70 R16 can be found usually almost exclusively tyres for SUVs and SUVs, most of them designed as a pure road tyres, since only very few of these vehicles are actually driven offroad. Some real "Zupacker" for the terrain there is in the dimension 265 70 R16 however.

Veteran meets newcomer in the field

Goodyear Wrangler is an old acquaintance and a much esteemed tyre in the off-road community. It is a stable off-road tyres for use all year round in the field, is due to its special design highly damage-resistant and has an incredible traction on all surfaces thanks to its optimized profile. The Falcon 112 S as a newcomer and little-known tyres may do likewise in many ways - but he has not been a real fan base. From the rough lads for the rough terrain a lot is demanded, but the Hawks will certainly in the future also can back up a very good reputation, not only in size 265 70 R16.

Summer in the city - and winter roads

For the off-road vehicle that - like most SUVs and SUVs - almost exclusively on the road traveling, models like the Latitude Tour of were Michelinl developed. He is also a robust tyres, with really good allround performance than summer tyres made, but it is purely for road use. In winter, however, is proving especially the i * cept evo W310 Hankook as a really powerful tyre that lives up to its reputation honor - even at high vehicle weights and difficult conditions on wintry roads, it provides a downright ideal performance from. The Wrangler HP Allweather shows on the other hand be quite useful all-season tyres, still delivers acceptable performance even in winter and in wet conditions - especially in this vehicle class "real" winter tyres are usually still a bit better than the all-season models in 265 70 R16.

For the dimension 265 70 R16 has both proven and powerful tyres for pure off-road use as well as some real performer for the road.


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