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Why change to 27-inch tyres?

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Changing the appearance of a vehicle always requires some serious thought and research. This applies especially to larger 27-inch tyres and when it involves improved driving, road-holding and performance capabilities and if you want the best possible results!

Important tyre changing aspects

There are certain and important aspects to keep in mind, one factor being although a wheel and a 27-inch-tyre combination is a match for the circumference of your original equipment, will a new package provide the same for the vehicle? Therefore, a DIY starting point would be fitting one tyre on a wheel and then checking the following points around the vehicle:

Load the vehicle and check for contact against the wheel arches

The tyre must not extend beyond the wheel arch

When loaded, does the tyre snag against the suspension or chassis?

This is also crucial; lock the steering in both directions and check for any interference!

Is there any interference with the brakes?

Do the speed and load ratings compare with the original tyres?

Safety first with 27-inch tyres

Probably the most convenient and easiest method of determining the axle gearing for plus-sized 27-inch tyres is to contact an established tyre dealer. Although it’s a great sensation for some to express themselves by way of their vehicle, there must be an awareness of the fact that the sidewalls of the 27-inch tyres provide a safety support system. Therefore, it’s always worthwhile gaining expert advice from a qualified installer!

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