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tyre with 285 millimeters wider footprint

tyre models that feature a 285 mm wide tread combine optimum sportiness and ride comfort. Motorists get these tyres more grip and traction on all surfaces. Thanks medium proportions to tyre of this size are suitable for almost all car classes. Well-known brands such as Yokohama develop these tyres and tailor it as summer and winter tyres.

A tyre for all vehicle classes

tyre manufacturers strive in every way to produce tyres that combine sportiness, safety and comfort. They should fit on vehicles of different classes. tyres with 285 mm width have not only the right dimensions to meet these requirements. They feature modern technology, thanks to which drivers can control their cars much better. Innovative rubber compound, these tyres excellent adhesion on dry asphalt. Even on wet roads remain grip and traction obtained. Wide tread grooves effectively from water, whereby the tread maintains contact with the asphalt. Braking power and acceleration values ​​are optimal thanks to the adequate tyre width.

Tested on vehicles of the compact, medium range and luxury cars

tyres of 285-millimeter division undergo rigorous safety and quality tests regularly. The well-known tyre manufacturer tests Dunlop tyre models of this size in the laboratory and on the own test track. It tyres are checked for consistency, durability and mileage. As test vehicles for tyres with a 285 millimeter wide tread mileage compact, middle and upper class are used. In all three cases these tyres show excellent results under all test conditions. Being a summer tyre, they have excellent adhesion on dry and wet asphalt. In the winter version, the 285 mm wide tyres show also confidently through increased traction on snow and ice.

tyres with a tyre width of 285 mm are suitable for almost all vehicle classes. Leave visually and in terms of performance a good impression. Especially nice to see these tyres in combination with aluminum wheels from. The following manufacturers develop and produce tyres in this size: Yokohama, Michelin, Hankook, Continental, Goodyear, Dunlop and more.

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