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The 29-inch tyre driving choice

Braking and stopping are two factors related to driving a vehicle that are sometimes ignored and replaced by only the aesthetic values. The ability to stop a sedan, SUV or CUV quickly and safely is paramount to drivers and their passengers and can be the difference between an incident and a personal injury involved accident!

29-inch tyres advantages

The larger 29-inch tyre choice being a wider tyre enables increased friction between tyres and the road surface, resulting in improved stopping distances. Another factor related to the 29-inch tyres is that by increasing the size of tyres, it can also result in a raised vehicle, with improved road clearance. This is a particular advantage for off-road vehicles and which adds to the driving experience:

A smoother ride is a desired advantage:

Achieved with a larger tyre, like the 29-inch size

Spreading the ground surface over a wider area of tyre

Irritating small bumps and bounces are significantly less noticeable.

Reasons and consequences

There are many and varied reasons for changing the size of tyres, some drivers even reducing them. However, increasing tyres to for instance 29-inches requires some consideration and expert advice from those with qualified experience and who possess the technical know-how regarding changing tyre diameters.

This factor when associated with rear-axle gearing can not only influence the final drive ratio but in turn the acceleration and overall vehicle performance. Therefore, before making that all important 29-inches tyre decision, make sure you have all the facts!

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