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Extremely wide tyres: 325 mm for precise handling and good braking properties

The dimension of a tyre affects its properties to a great extent. For tyres with 325 mm width, this means first-class braking performance in dry, high traction ride and precise handling. Benefit from the mentioned attributes like cars and ATVs because for this a number of matching tyre model with a width of 225 mm is offered.

Very good grip thanks to high rolling resistance

Anyone looking for a tyre for his vehicle that convinces especially in the handling characteristics, is well advised with tyres of 325 mm division. Through its large tread build the tyres while driving to a high rolling resistance. This has the consequence that the grip of the tyres is significantly improved. More grip on the tarmac also means more traction and better handling. In addition, the braking distances from falling very short. Also on loose off-road have tyres with 325 mm width more grip and providing greater control of the vehicle. For better cornering stability also ensures the low tyre section.

Strong traction terrain tyres from Dunlop

On the market a range of quality tyres with 325 mm width available. This includes the tyres of series Dunlop SP SPORT MAXX . Especially in the wet grip surprise summer tyres of the well-known manufacturer with above-average results. In EU tyre label the road tyres are given even to the highest class (A). The rating ranges up to Class G, in which the braking distance of a vehicle in the same circumstances, greatly enlarged.

tyres with 325 mm wide support by their precise handling, traction strength and good braking characteristics the driver in difficult road conditions. In conjunction with a small height convince the tyres also with optimum cornering stability.

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