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5 inches tyre: information and facts

For special requirements 5 inch tyres are constructed. Their target groups are mainly drivers of agricultural machinery. Tools that are used in the agricultural sector, the lawn mower to the tractor, are often equipped with tyres in small dimensions. Also trailer tyres often have a diameter of not more than 5 inches.

5 inch tyres for agriculture

5 inch tyres are mounted among other machines used in agriculture. A distinction is made between the so-called Free Rolling Tyres that are mounted on the drive axle and the wheels of the control axis. Such specialized tyres for example, come from manufacturers like Toyo or Firestone. Also for trailers and trailers the small tyre sizes are occasionally used, depending on the size of each transport vehicle. 5 inch tyres for agricultural machines are characterized by their often quite rough profile. Large tunnels and deep grooves give the tyres an excellent grip and a good grip on muddy terrain.

Small dimension for special requirements

own 5 inch tyres, one can safely assume a very small diameter. For comparison. Car of the compact class are usually driven with tyres with a diameter between 12 and 15 inches, which is equivalent to 30.48 cm to 38.10 cm. For larger, even sporty vehicles tyres come with up to 23 inch diameter is used, converted 58.46. The wheels, which may be combined with the 5 inch tyres are a little different nature than the rim for conventional cars.

Many manufacturers, dedicated to the production of car tyres have made ​​a name, also offer 5 inch tyre for special requirements. With high load capacity and off-road driving good tyres can convince the appropriate dimension.

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