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The Accelera ACCELERA - a safe summer tyres

The Accelera summer tyres of the same brand - basically Accelera ACCELERA - is a tyre which is designed especially safe. No flyer, but a solid tyre for every day.

Permanently and Safely

The somewhat infelicitous name tyres should not obscure the fact that here a really good summer tyres going into the race. The Accelera is unspectacular, everyday a tyre with balanced good properties and good performance. The 4-groove design is somewhat different, the two central circumferential longitudinal grooves are close together and form with the intervening tread portion, a guide rail for the tyre, which is particularly the directional stability benefits. The wing-shaped and regularly arranged transverse grooves help to dehydrate the tyres very well, so that the risk of aquaplaning is reduced effectively. Otherwise, the Accelera are quiet and comfortable, the rolling noise is - even for a car tyre - the lower range, and also bumps on the road are well swallowed by the tyres. He is a good choice for everyday use, no special athletes, but solid and safe. And he saves fuel while also.

The brand from Indonesia

Brand tyres Accelera be prepared by the Indonesian company PT Elang Perdana. The still relatively young, founded only in 1996 company is located near Bogor City, and operates a relatively large tyre plant in an area of ​​nearly 127,000 square meters. Elang Perdana is not only original equipment for Kia Indonesia, but also exporter in more than 50 countries and is true not only in Indonesia as an emerging brand. tyres as the Accelera are also becoming well known, and enjoy a good reputation as an economic life tyres.

The Accelera is a tyre with good performance in everyday life, the positively conspicuous mainly by its comfort and durability - in addition also through its high directional stability.

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