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Bridgestone 205 55 R16 is a good summer tyres

tyres are exposed at the present time the highest loads and have to ensure economical driving possible. Of course, the possibility is always the safety of the tyres in the first place. Finally, the tyres produce the only link between the vehicle and the road. The Bridgestone tyres of the dimension 205 55 R16 has cut the tyre test of ADAC with the rating "good".

The data of the tyre in detail

tyres from Bridgestone in 205 55 R16-dimensions can be used as tyres for a variety of vehicles. The reason for this is the width, which is characterized by the three-digit number of the label. With a width of 205, the tyre is a little wider than other sizes, but gives the car by a sporty touch. More importantly, the two-digit number after the big "R". This number represents the rim diameter, with which the tyre can be ridden. This number is important because the size of the wheel is limited by the wheel well.

The driving characteristics of the tyre at a glance

In the results of the 2012 ADAC summer tyre test a tyre from Bridgestone in 205 55 R16 dimension has consistently finished me good results. Above all, the important for the safety of wet performance is mentioned as one of the strengths of the tyre. The handling, braking, performance and driving stability on dry road surface even received very good grades. Overall the Bridgestone 205 55 R16 is referred to as a very well-balanced tyre. In making this assessment also reviews were included for fuel consumption and tyre wear, which were evaluated at two properties on a high note.

tyres from Bridgestone of 205 55 R16 size are among the most popular tyre models. This makes it possible to use them as tyres on a variety of vehicles. Even with the driving characteristics intersects this dimension from with good results, as confirmed by the ADAC in the tyre test.

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