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The Bridgestone tyres are made by their quality

The Japanese company Bridgestone is the world's largest tyre manufacturer. In addition to tyres, the company produces bicycles, golf equipment, products for tennis and boating equipment. The tyre manufacturer has since 1952 the Bridgestone Museum of Art, and there is the public works of Japanese, American and Western European artists.

The company's history

As a founding date of the company Bridgestone is the year 1931. The company's headquarters is located originally in Kirume and later moved to Tokyo. After the Second World War the company starts with the production of motorcycles and bicycles; motorcycle production is set again in 1970. Most of the sales form Bridgestone tyres for original equipment of the motorcycles of the great Japanese motorcycle producer in the 1970s. Bridgeston tyres are produced today, not only in Japan but also in seven European factories. In racing Bridgestone is since 2010, although not represented in Formula 1, but adds the motorcycle racing competition MotoGP as sole supplier.

The products from Bridgestone

Bridgestone tyres are made not only for cars and trucks, but also for commercial vehicles and motorcycles. Further features Bridgestone tyres on for special vehicles such as construction machinery. Many choose OEM, their vehicles car tyre from Bridgestone. The company offers both summer tyres and winter tyres as well as modern all-season tyres. In addition to car tyres and motorcycle tyres, tyres for commercial vehicles is Bridgestone tyres for bicycles. Both car tyres as well as motorcycle tyres, the company is the market leader.

Select automakers as initial preferred car tyres from Bridgestone, as they are convinced of their quality. Bridgestone tyres are standard range of almost all tyre dealers. They are assigned to the upper price range, offer thanks to their solid quality and their long shelf life but a convincing price-performance ratio.

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