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tyres in 175 55 R15 - tyre with comfort-potential

What clearly stands out is in the tyres in 175 55 R15, the manufacturers have so in the program: they all have quite a comfort potential. Despite its small width which is a really good performance, which is evidence of a lot of technical development.

Comfortable but narrow

Narrow tyres, the white of the vernacular to report, provide lower fuel consumption, since they have a lower rolling resistance. Regarding physics, this statement is quite true - but: there are also other ways in tyre construction, to keep fuel consumption low. A shining example is here the Hankook Kinergy Eco - he provides not only in this dimension an almost incredible fuel-saving potential, but also in many much broader dimensions of summer tyres . This goes not only for tyres in 175 55 R15. The wise way through the bank very high comfort values, another really good example is the Kumho KH11. High ride comfort is very difficult to achieve at low tyre widths generally, therefore, many of these tyres a specific technical proficiency in development.

Narrow yet efficient means, of course - comes particularly older vehicles benefit

tyres in 175 55 R15 come in many cases also with a bit betagteren vehicles before - just specialists in consumption, as the Hankook Kinergy Eco can have particularly positive in this vehicle class. Because of obsolete engine technology, fuel consumption is here partly well above the average of modern vehicles, with appropriate tyres, which have a particularly low rolling resistance, the consumption can be very significantly reduced here. But the ride comfort, which is mainly determined by the tyre can, with tyres as the KH11 of Kumho be significantly higher. The modern tyres of the latest technical development so come older vehicles in good stead. You will suddenly be as comfortable and efficient as they had never before. Provided, of course, to choose the right tyre. there are choices here enough.

tyres in 175 55 R15 are relatively narrow, but provide an excellent ride comfort for many manufacturers. Some are even real fuel saving specialists - which also many older vehicles will clearly benefit.

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