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Standard for mid-size tyres: 195 50 R16 is widespread

Especially in the lower middle class tyres are widely used in 195 50 R16. They represent a good compromise between sporty low section height and less severe tyre width.

Standard in the lower middle class

tyres in 195 50 R16 can be found on a variety of vehicle models, they are tyres that are neither narrow particularly sporty low particularly economical yet. As car tyres they are exactly in the middle and combine balanced handling with good roadholding and even with a lot of comfort, the uncompromising sports tyres usually can not so much offer. As quasi Allerweltsreifen is theirs performance focus mainly on the security - good characteristics in the wet in the summer tyres , high cornering and cornering stability even at higher speeds up to 200 km/h for most models. the models differ precisely the limit of the maximum speed here sometimes significantly from one another - not any tyres in 195 50 R16 delivers at 200 km/h then also the fact same performance, some set high speeds often especially.

In winter, there's more to security than in summer

In the winter tyre safety is of course even more of an issue than in the summer tyre. Here it is particularly important to ensure that the tyre can provide good traction on snow roads, but also the best possible grip on ice. In addition, the wet grip even in winter tyres should be as well, because often large amounts of water can be found on the streets, especially in the transitional periods. Comparison tests between tyres show in 195 50 R16 that each model sets its own focus here, very few models really turn out the same in all areas as particularly good. Some then only the comfort characteristics or fuel efficiency are a little worse than the top models - but with these restrictions can be when Famiilen-car most certainly live well.

tyres 195 50 R16 dimension are something of a widely used standard in the middle class - accordingly many models are also on the market.

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